When Metro Attacks

July 1st, 2008 | Tags: ,

Lawless Metro bus drivers have been a constant problem in the University District. The most persistent example is at the intersection of 45th and 15th Ave NE — buses turning left to travel west on 45th regularly (many times a day) run a red turn-arrow light and block the intersection so that pedestrians and cars cannot pass. I and others have reported this issue regularly but no one at Metro cares. Today, I almost saw a couple people get killed by another lawless bus driver.

In the heart of the University District, University Way (“The Ave”) does not allow passing. It is fairly common for cars to try to pass a bus that is embarking/disembarking passengers — I always am extremely careful when exiting a bus and then passing in front of the bus to use a crosswalk. Today I saw a Metro bus try to pass an articulated bus that was embarking a passenger with limited mobility. The offending bus was a #30 — I wasn’t able to get a good look at the bus but the bus number was something like 3036 — but it was whichever one was at 45th and the Ave at 12:27PM today. As the #30 bus was accelerating by the parked bus, the driver of the parked bus had the presence of mind to lay on his horn to indicate to the rogue driver that he was about to run down some pedestrians in the intersection. The #30 stopped in time so that I (and all other King County tax payers) won’t have to pay for the wrongful death settlement.

Bus drivers have to put up with a lot of crap that they shouldn’t have to — particularly from passengers, but NOTHING justifies this kind of reckless behavior. This driver deserves to be fired immediately.

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