Work Update

August 27th, 2008 | Tags: ,

Some updates on C&C UW Technology & Me:

Office: The official word has comedown today and I won’t be banished to the Tower to work in a cubefarm. I will be bounced to the 4th floor of 4545 to work in a cubicle (sigh….) for 4 months or so and then be returned to basement (though in a less desirable location). Of course with more and more people jumping ship, there may be even more space opening up at the tower — and plans (even officially announced ones) can always change.

Exchange: So the doom known as Exchange will be a part of my reality now. UW Technology Services (Scott’s Domain) will be rush migrated to Exchange before we have to renew the Oracle Calendar licenses on 10/1. They were originally planning to migrate us in mid September, but Nebula Support is currently overwhelmed dealing with the Coreflood trojan/worm. Since we are under huge financial pressure (66% budget shortfall), you would think that saving money would be a top priority, which is one reason why I find this decision so perplexing. Exchange is going to cost far more than Oracle Calendar + Deskmail — all so that we can have our calendar and email in the same program! WTF? Who thought this would be beneficial for our productivity?

Coreflood: This trojan/worm has brutalized Windows Desktops across campus — and Nebula was no exception. Nebula is currently rebuilding over a thousand workstations that were infected — and that doesn’t include the non-nebula Windows workstations that were infected. My confidence in the Windows security infrastructure has dropped to a new low — which makes Exchange even less attractive…

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