A bad employment week

December 7th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

Fortunately I’m still employed, but three companies that employ friends and family laid off staff last week.  Zymogenetics cut 52 jobs, including my Mom’s — she took a voluntary early retirement package and is happy about her situation.  Wetpaint also cut a bunch of jobs, laying off a friend from high school who had escaped from Microsoft for a much better environment — which turned out to be several rounds of layoffs.  And Wizards of the Coast continues their holiday tradition of shedding talented staff via layoffs, luckily I haven’t heard of anyone that I personally know getting the axe.

This is all worrying.  My job is pretty safe until the summer and will know more after the state confronts its large budget crisis.  If the state heaps on additional cuts to the higher education budget I might be at risk.  With the Democrats firmly in control at Olympia and already talking about a tax increase there is a good chance that I’ll be fine.  The discussion of tax increases leaves me quite conflicted.  I am philosophically against such increases as very bad policy — but I have a lot to gain in the short term from tax increases.  Hopefully, I am not so selfish and self-absorbed as to compromise my evaluation of the wisdom of these tax increases…

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