What I learned on this weeks ‘Bones’

December 4th, 2009 | Tags: , , , ,

Let’s see:

  1. The movie Avatar is coming out
  2. Avatar is a fantastic movie
  3. If you are a geeky, smart guy, you should wait in line for days to see Avatar because hot chicks with tattoos will flash you and then desperately want to, as they put it in the show, “pitch a tent” with you.

I’m fine with product placement even if it is a bit obvious, but when the product placement is the entire ‘B’ plot of an episode you’ve basically jumped the shark.  Five seasons is more than enough (particularly for a show with no arch) — come to and end and move on.  Oh and I forgot to add that I also learned that a normal sex life involves having sex 10-15 times per week.

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