Update: January 12th, 2011

Not that I’m terribly exciting but you’re here so…

I’m Joby Walker (really Joseph B. Walker… get it Joe B…well my parents thought it was cleaver). Let’s see some basic History… I grew up in Redmond, Washington and graduated from Redmond High School in 1991. I then attended the University of Washington until 1996 when I left with a BA in History. Shortly thereafter I started working for a local guardianship non-profit, Care Planning Associates, where I worked until 1998. Until 2000, I worked at another non-profit, the Alliance for Education. And in March of 2001 I stared working for the Software Support Group of the University of Washington’s Computing and Communications (rebranded UW Technology and then to UW Information Technology).  As a part of a reorganization SSG was merged into the Applications Engineering group

My primary employment and hobby is web application development. I generally prefer to work in PHP, though I have been forced to endure developing for and supporting RequestTracker (a Perl webapp). Late in 2005, I discovered Symfony — a PHP5 framework — and have been using it as a basis of my web applications since (though because of RequestTracker, I haven’t had much time for other applications).

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